Who we are

Antolini Glass Co. is a partner-run glass studio in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA by artists Gemma Hollister and Tate Newfield. The two of us met at a glassblowing class in 2021, and have since founded our own glass art and production studio. We are continually learning about the medium and refining our skills in the hot shop. Each item in our shop is handmade by the two of us, and every piece is truly unique and special. We are proud of our consistency, craftsmanship, and passion for making strong glass.

What we do

Each of our glass products is hand blown from soda-lime glass in a style that combines traditional and modern production techniques. Each of our products is truly unique, and we have been perfecting the efficiency and quality of each design for several years. We melt glass in our furnace at 2000F, and skillfully shape each piece into its final form. The glass then cools over 24 hours to room temperature, and we send it out to you!